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Azargashsab Ice Cream Company

Azargashsab Ice Cream Company is the largest producer of ice cream sticks (flat-magnum-mini magnum and و) in the country, which has been in operation since 1981 and using experienced technical and engineering staff in a fully equipped and active unit located in Zanjan Industrial Town No. 1 is ready to supply any type of ice cream stick to the customer’s order. This company is the first ice cream stick manufacturer in the whole country that by providing all production and health conditions in accordance with the standard of the day succeeded in receiving a health license (Apple Health ) Has been. And the high quality of products, variety in designs and dimensions, quality of packaging, speed of delivery and suitable conditions of sale are the advantages that the company has been able to use to occupy a major part of the domestic market and a significant part of exports.The company announces its readiness to cooperate with ice cream factories and we hope to be able to move forward with constructive cooperation to advance the lofty goals and to promote national production